Whether you are reviewing existing rates, a first time buyer, upsizing or downsizing IPM Draper Financial Brokers will act as your mortgage broker engaging with the lenders in the market.

Allow us to compete for your business.

You’re Mortgage Journey the Big Picture

IPM Draper as your Financial Broker will explain the choices available
in simple language, allowing you to make an informed
decision and ensure that you choose the
mortgage best for you.

With us it’s not just about getting a mortgage, we will be readily available to you to guide and assist you on the entire journey.

The basic steps in obtaining a mortgage are generally as follows

  1. Establish how much you can borrow, there are calculators available to help you establish affordability 
  1. Apply for mortgage which generally comprises an application form with the following support documentation once a suitable lender has been identified
  • Proof of identification (ID)
  • Proof of address
  • Marriage Cert if applicants are married
  • Salary Cert.
  • 3 months full payslips
  • For self-employed apps, we need 6 months business account statements, 2 years Form 11s and Chapter 4s, three years business accounts (signed by client and accountant
  • Employment Details Summary (formerly P60) (If income is variable, need 3 years details)
  • 6 months full current account statements
  • 6 months savings accounts
  • Gift Letter if applicants are receiving a gift to assist with purchase
  • 6 months loan accounts
  • 12 months mortgage statements
  1. Obtain Approval in principle (AIP)
  1. Find your new Home/Get a Valuation on chosen property – Our sister company Sherry FitzGerald Draper is one of Sligo’s longest established Estate agents and Chartered Valuation Surveyors.
  1. Get a valuation on your chosen property Ken Draper is always there to help
  1. Choose your Solicitor
  1. Arrange appropriate life and building Insurance we can provide a competitive quote for both should you choose to do so.
  1. Obtain Formal Letter of Approval
  1. Exchange Contracts
  1. Drawdown your mortgage

Arrange a call and talk it through with Adrian, he will help smooth the path and point you in the right direction with an initial consultation which is completely free of charge with no strings attached.